Copy of Projects


University Hospital Rainbow Center for Women & Children
Location: Akron, OH
Architect: Moody Nolan
Customer: United Glass & Panel
Product: 3’ deep sunshades attaching to curtain wall
Los Angeles Community College Harbor Sails Student Center
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Architect: HMC
Customer: Best Contracting
Product: Vertical sunshade system
Elevate Lincoln Park
Location: Chicago, IL
Architect: SCB
Customer: Architectural Glass Works
Product: Aluminum sunshade
McDonald’s New HQ
Location: Chicago, IL
Architect: Gensler
Customer: Ventana
Product: Glass canopy with stainless steel gutter at entrance to building
Shriner's Hospital for Children
Location: Pasadena, CA
Architect: SRG/CO
Customer: Best Contracting
Product: ¼” thick custom water jet perforated plate with a rose pattern. The plate panels were used as infill for gate openings in the garden.
University of North Texas Interdisciplinary Research
Location: Fort Worth, TX
Architect: B & B Glass
Customer: Cupples/Enclos
Product: Two (2) custom sunshades that attach back to curtain wall with multiple new extrusions
Location: Kansas
Architect: NBAF Partnership (Perkins & Will/Flad)
Customer: Cupples/Enclos
Product: multiple sunshade designs
The Star – Retail for Dallas Cowboys HQ
Location: Frisco, TX
Architect: O’Brien
Customer: NOW Specialties
Product: 10" airfoil sunshades
Columbus LPOE Border Station
Location: Columbus, NM
Architect: Richter Architects
Customer: Proclad
Product: Weathered corten steel vertical sunshades
Cyrus One
Location: Chandler, AZ
Architect: Corgan
Customer: Walters & Wolf
Product: Horizontal and vertical sunshade units attaching to the curtain wall
1441 U St.
Location: Washington DC
Architect: Eric Colbert Assoc.
Customer: Emmitsburg Glass
Product: Sunshades
Mission College Student Engagement Center
Location: Santa Clara, CA
Architect: Lionakis
Customer: Best Contracting
Product: ½” thick aluminum plate fins
Ventura County Medical Center
Location: Ventura, CA
Architect: HOK
Customer: Best Contracting
Product: Custom 1/8” plate panels

Santa Clara University
Charney School of Law
Location: Santa Clara, CA
Architect: Solomon Cordwell Buenz
Customer: Walters & Wolf
Product: Vertical sunshade system
Thistledown Racino
Location: North Randall, Ohio
Architect: KA
Customer: United Glass & Panel
Product: Clover is providing sunshades to match the existing building for the renovation and addition of this entertainment mecca
Location: Houston, TX
Architect: Power Brown
Customer: Duke Glass
Product: Sunshades attaching to curtain wall
US Naval Academy Health Center
Location: Annapolis, MD
Architect: RLF
Customer: Galaxy Glass
Product: 14” & 20” airfoils used both horizontally and vertically
Washington University
Medical Center - BJH
Location: St. Louis, MO
Architect: HOK
Customer: Alliance Glazing Technologies
Product: Stainless steel panels with Invaritone finish by Contrarian
East Market
Location:  Philadelphia, PA
Architect: BLT
Customer: Ventana
Product: Custom sunshades and trellis systems with perforated panels and signage armatures for retail
University of Texas Dell
Medical School
Location: Austin, TX
Architect: Page Southerland Page
Customer: NOW Specialties
Product: Aluminum sunshade and trellis systems
Quail Springs Office Building
Location: Oklahoma City, OK
Architect: Bockus, Payne
Customer: Smith & Pickel
Product: Airfoil sunshades
The British School
Location: Houston, TX
Architect: FH & HP
Customer:Duke Glass
Product: 6” airfoil sunshades connecting to curtain wall
Howard Hughes Parking
Garage at Crescent Office
Location:  Columbia, MD
Architect: Design Collective
Customer: Service Glass
Product: Aluminum grating for 15,000 sq ft of garage screening
Garage at FMC Tower Cira Centre South
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Architect: BLT
Customer: Independence Steel
Product: 2” x 12” tube trellis
Gallery at Capital Riverfront
Location: Washington, DC
Architect: WDG
Customer: Service Glass
Product: Aluminum sunshades
DFW Flight Simulator
Location: Dallas, TX
Architect:Corgan Associates
Customer:NOW Specialities
Product: Aluminum tube screen wall in 5 different colors and 2 different tube sizes
Solaire at 7100 Wisconsin
Location:  Bethesda, MD
Architect: Design Collective
Customer: TSI Walls
Product: Satin Stainless Steel Posts
Washington University
Medical Center
Location: St. Louis, MO
Architect: HOK
Customer: Alliance Glazing Technologies
Product: Invaritone Stainless Steel Panels
Holtec International
Location: Camden, NJ
Architect: USA Architects
Customer: RA Kennedy & Sons
Product: Sunshade with a 2” x 5” fascia with a 6” airfoil
Gables McKinney Routh
Location: Dallas, TX
Architect: WDG
Customer: NOW Specialties
Product: Tubular vertical screen
Teachers Village 
Location: Newark, NJ
Architect: Richard Meier & Partners
Customer: Union County Plate Glass
Product: Tubular sunshade trellis
Galliard Center
Location: Charleston, SC
Architect: Earl Swennson
Customer: Harmon, Inc.
Product: #7 Brass clad doors and transom frame
500 W. Monroe
Location: Chicago, IL
Architect: Epstein
Customer: Glass Solutions
Product: Satin Stainless clad doors and stainless framing
Sagamore Distillery
Location: Baltimore, MD
Architect: Ayers Saint Gross
Customer: Alliance Roofing 
Product: Clover will be providing 9,000 sq. ft. of a vertical sunshade with infill tubes with a custom powder coated wood grain finish
North Coast Harbor 
Location: Cleveland, OH
Architect: DIMIT
Product: Aluminum suns
Academies of Loudoun
Location: Leesburg, VA
Architect: Stantec
Customer: Zephyr Aluminum
Product: Aluminum airfoils sunshades attaching to curtain wall
Sagamore Spirit Restaurant
Location: Baltimore, MD
Architect: Ayers Saint Gross
Customer: Vetro Building Envelope
Product: Aluminum tubular sunshades with a wood grain powder coat finish
2001 N ST NW Washington
Location: Washington DC
Architect: HKS
Customer: Crescent Designed Metals 
Product: Custom tubular trellis system
Michael Kors
Location: Santa Barbara, CA
Architect: RH Sweers
Customer: National Glass & Metal
Product: Aluminum sunshades
Tory Burch
Location: Oak Brook, IL
Architect: D&K Chicago
Customer: Architectural Glass Works
Product: Bronze cladding of storefront system
McKinney & Olive
Location: Dallas, TX
Architect: Cesar Pelli
Customer: Alliance Glazing
Product: Aluminum perforated sunshades attaching to curtain wall
Case Western Reserve
University - Residence Hall
Location: Cleveland, OH
Architect: Solomon Cordwell Buenz (SCB)
Customer: United Glass & Panel
Product: Aluminum horizontal and vertical sunshades
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia - CHOPS
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Architect: Ballinger/Pelli Clark Pelli
Customer: Harmon Inc
Product: Aluminum Fin Tube Covers and Vertical Scallop Sunshades with Lighting
Dallas Cowboys HQ
Location: Frisco, TX
Architect: Gensler
Customer: Alliance Glazing Technologies
Product: Aluminum plate sunshades
Atlanta Falcons Stadium
Location: Atlanta, GA
Architect: TVS & HOK
Customer: Crown Corr
Product: Clover sliding glass doors for 179 suites
University of Maryland Hotel
Location: College Park, MD
Architect: Gordon & Greenberg
Customer: TSI/Exterior Wall Systems
Product: Horizontal airfoil sunshades attaching to curtain wall
Broadcom HQ
Location: Irvine, CA
Architect: Gensler
Customer: Walters & Wolf
Product: 11,000 sq ft of custom sunshades for (4) buildings
LaSalle University Business School
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Architect: Kimmel Bogrette
Customer: Crescent Iron Works
Product: Vertical sunshade with 1” x 10” aluminum tubes and custom brackets
Walgreen at NW Memorial
Location: Chicago, IL
Architect: VOA
Customer:Architectural Glass Works
Product: Satin stainless steel cladding of tubular beams
Renaissance Hotel
Location: Chicago, IL
Architect: Hartshorne Plunkard
Customer: Christopher Glass
Product: Stainless steel clad doors and framing & All-Glass Entrances
Toyota North America
Location: Plano, TX
Architect: Corgan
Customer: Harmon, Inc.
Product: 29,500 sq feet of perforated/plate sunshades for (6) buildings on new campus
Huntington Medical Research
Location: Pasadena, CA
Architect: Perkins & Will
Customer: Bagatelos
Product: Aluminum sunshade
One Dallas Tower
Location: Dallas, TX
Architect: Humphreys & Partners
Customer:Oak Cliff Glass
Product: Aluminum vertical sunshades
Cummins Inc New HQ
Location: Chicago, IL
Architect: Deborah Berke/Ratio Partners
Customer: Blakley Corporation
Product: Clover is supplying 9,000 sq ft of horizontal sunshades attaching back to the curtain wall system. Clover is also supplying 5,000 sq ft of a vertical fin comprised of aluminum plate assembly and channel welde.
311 Monroe Lobby
Location: Chicago, IL
Architect: Goettsch Partners
Customer: MTH
Product: Column covers using Invariweave linen stainless steel by Contrarian finish
Anthem House
Location: Baltimore, MD
Architect: KTGY
Customer: Custom Glass
Product: 6” airfoil trellis units inside a steel structure
Navy Federal Credit Union
Location: Vienna, VA
Architect: J3 Design
Customer: ICON Building Envelope
Product: Clover will be supplying a 14” airfoil with a special bracket that will run vertically up the curtain wall
Vanderbilt University -
Hawkins Field
Location: Nashville, TN
Architect: Gilbert/McLaughlin/Casella
Customer: The Parent Company
Product: Perforated galvanized steel panels inside an angle frame to protect the glass from the baseballs
Integrate Ashburn - Sabey
Data Center
Location: Ashburn VA
Architect: Callison/RTKL
Customer: Ridgeview Glass
Product: 4’ deep custom sunshades with tapered fascia and 2” x 3” infill tubes
Colorado Center Tower III
Location: Denver, CO
Architect: Tryba
Customer: Metropolitan Glass
Product: Perforated sunshades along the roof level
Virginia Commonwealth University Institute of Contemporary Arts
Location: Richmond, VA
Architect: Stephen Holl
Customer: NEC
Product: Stainless steel clad doors
Location: Campbell, CA
Architect: Arc Tec
Customer: Walters & Wolf
Product: Aluminum sunshades with 5” airfoil
Jersey Shore University
Medical Center - Hope Tower
Location: Neptune, NJ
Architect: WHR
Customer: Central Metals
Product: Aluminum trellis system
United Technologies
Location: Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Architect: Hunton Brady
Customer: Physical Security
Product: Clover is producing 6,800 sq ft of sunshades attaching to the curtain wall
McCormick & Co Spices New HQ
Location: Cockeysville, MD
Architect: Studios
Customer: TSI Corporation 
Product: Clover will supply sunshades that will attach into the curtain wall system
Carnegie Mellon University Tepper School of Business 
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Architect: Moore Ruble Yudell
Customer: DM Products
Product: Aluminum sunshades
Menlo-Atherton HS
Location: Atherton, CA
Architect: LPA
Customer: Best Contracting
Product: ½” thick vertical fins
2950 N Sheridan
Location: Chicago, IL
Architect: Booth Hansen
Customer: AGW
Product: Cladding (5) doors and framing in 316 brushed stainless steel
203 N LaSalle
Location: Chicago, IL
Architect: Booth Hansen
Customer: AGW
Product: Cladding (5) doors and framing in 316 brushed stainless steel
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